Fundraiser Masters Information Our Sister Websites Fundraising Home Fundraiser Blog About US Privacy Statement Terms of Use Corporate Awards Pensacola Awards Pensacola Trophies Nametags, Name Badges Buy an American Flag Flags & Flagpoles Business Coaching Copyright 2011 AAA Manufacturing and Supply Company This is what you get in your Church Fundraiser Idea Guide. A Huge Selection of Church Fundraising Events and Ideas. Utilize the many events / idea options available to reach your financial goals. (Chapter 5,7,8)  Learn how to encourage and motivate people to help/volunteer. Get congregational and community support for your events. (chapter 4)  Learn how to identify your constituency. Identify your top potential donors. (chapter 3)  List of Funding Opportunities available to Non Profit / Christian Organizations. Learn about donations, gifts, loans, and grants that your church may qualify for. (chapter 8)  Ideas for Church Youth Fundraisers. Involve the church youth in successful self-esteem building fundraisers. (chapter 9)  No outside agency or soliciting firm needed. ALL income raised goes to church and instills donor confidence.  How to get free Media coverage / publicity for your events. Reach a larger audience, get more support, have a larger turn out, and raise more money. (chapter 6)  Asking for Donations in a letter. Templates to properly, professionally, and successfully ask for and receive donations. (bonus 2)  200+ pages of step-by-step instructions and guidance through the Church Fundraising process. CHURCH FUNDRAISING GUIDE All this and much more for only $19  Download 200+ Page E-Book Instantly Copyright 2011 AAA Manufacturing and Supply Company Turnkey Fundraisers Organization Fundraisers Brick Pavers Tiles Membership Cards Church Fundraisers School Fundraisers Community Fundraisers