Copyright 2011 AAA Manufacturing and Supply Company Turnkey Fundraisers Organization Fundraisers Brick Pavers Tiles Membership Cards Church Fundraisers School Fundraisers Community Fundraisers Get the Amazing Secret to Fundraising NOW! Stop Losing Sales and Profits! Fundraiser Masters Information Dark Grey Brick Fundraiser Rustic Brick Fundraiser Ivory Brick Fundraiser Ligt Grey Brick Fundraiser Fundraiser Masters makes your Brick Fund Raiser completely turnkey! Simply add the color of brick you want to the cart, checkout through our secure google checkout then we will email you a confirmation and a form you can fill out with the wording you want on your brick *Please allow 7-10 business days for production and shipping. Get a Sample Brick for FREE!  Pay only $14.95 for Shipping and Handling Choose between 4 different colors of brick pavers in two sizes STEP 1: Choose your brick color and order a free sample brick, fill out a quick form and we will design a sales brochure to meet your fundraising needs. STEP 2: Sell your bricks by using the customized brochure that will explain your fundraiser in detail, plus you can show them your free sample. (Remember, the power is in the customization!) STEP 3: Send us copies of your brick sales and payment, we will promptly fulfill your order, then ship your engraved bricks to you. Brick Pavers are extremely powerful fundraisers! The giver gets a chance to literally engrave a meaningful message in stone  that will last decades. In return the organization gets monetary blessings as well as a monumental landscape.  This brings great intrinsic value to both parties involved.  
Sample Brick Paver Brick Price: $0.00
Shipping: $14.95
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